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Civil Engineering
Computer Science
Electrical Engineering
Electronics & Telecommunication
Mechanical Engineering

Civil Engineering is a core branch and one of the oldest of all the engineering disciplines. Any project whether residential, commercial or industrial - big or small cannot be visualized without the active participation from civil engineer. In modern India, with so much of importance for infrastructure, Civil Engineer has become a key figure. He/She is involved from the very beginning i.e. since the conceptual stage of the project. A Civil Engineer does the designing & planning of projects and is responsible for its execution.

Department of Civil Engineering was started in Lakhmi Chand Institute of Technology (here in after called LCIT) in the year 2009, with an idea of imparting theoretical and practical knowledge of Civil Engineering as well as producing world Class Civil Engineers. A professional in this stream shall have tremendous scope in Chhattisgarh as it is a growing state which has enough opportunity for infrastructural development.

All the faculty members are highly dedicated and take personal interest in delivering lecture and conducting lab classes. The departmental labs are well equipped, with all latest and modern equipments. With highly skilled faculty members and with availability of the ‘state of art’ equipment's available; the Institute is committed to start consulting facility in the region, which has tremendous potential.

Lab Details:

  • Basic Civil Engineering
  • Fluid Mech. Lab
  • Surveying Lab
  • Material Testing and Concrete Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Civil Engineering Drawing (Auto Cad)
  • Engineering Geology
  • Structural Engineering
  • Geotech Engineering Lab
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering

Faculty Members:
S.No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Sanjaya Kumar Shrivastava HOD M.Tech.
2 Varanasi Somesh Asst. Professor M.Tech.
3 Sonika Sharma Asst. Professor B.E.
4 Namrata Singh Asst. Professor B.E.
5 Devina Dubey Lecturer B.E.
6 Surya Kant Shrivas Lecturer B.E.
7 Shushant Chadda Lecturer B.E.
8 Shubham Dubey Lecturer B.E.
9 Pawan Dhruwa Lecturer B.E.
10 Ajay Kumar Sahu Lecturer B.E.

Contact Us:

Department of Civil Engineering
Mr. Sanjaya Kumar Shrivastava
Head of the Department
Mobile: +919585091700

Computer Engineering has become one of the fastest growing segments of all the industries. Expanding its boundaries it is infusing applicability of computer in every field and is now defining modern life as well. Computer engineering professionals have huge demand for development of hardware and software. They are equally successful in large multinational organizations to small-scale family run enterprises.

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering was established in the year 2008 and offers a 4 year course. Our Alumni association share their skills and up-to-date industry trends to ensure theoretical and practical learning and even mentor our existing students.

Placements offered to our graduates are the best in the region. The department has highly skilled faculty members with experience of more than 10 years. The Department is well equipped with ‘state of art’ computer labs which has individual space for student and faculty and is installed with latest software packages, Internet connectivity and multimedia tools. Its application helps user to understand, use and grow savvy in their respective fields of interest.

Lab Details:

  • C/C++ Lab
  • Web Technology Lab
  • Data Structure Lab
  • Computer Hardware Lab
  • Software Technology Lab
  • DBMS Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Java Programming Lab
  • Computer Graphics Lab
  • Artificial Intelligence Lab
  • Project Lab
  • Network Security Lab
  • Computer Network Lab
  • Simulation Lab

Faculty Members:
S.No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Vishnu Kant Soni HOD Ph.D (P), M.Tech.
2 Naman Agrawal Asst. Professor M.Tech.
3 Upkar Rai Asst. Professor M.Tech.
4 Amit Awasthi Asst. Professor M.Tech.
5 Manish Mahant Manikpuri Asst. Professor M.Tech.
6 Bharti Dwivedi Asst. Professor M.Tech.
7 Priyanka Sharma Asst. Professor M.Tech.
8 Abhishek Kesharwani Asst. Professor M.Tech.
9 Nitesh Nema Asst. Professor M.Tech.
10 Abhijeet Kour Bagga Lecturer B.E.
11 Nikita Vasvani Lecturer B.E.
12 Shrinkhla Gupta Lecturer B.E.

Contact Us:

Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Mr. Vishnu Kant Soni
Head of the Department
Mobile: +919685091333

Electricity as source of power has become the basic need for survival and growth for domestic to industrial uses. Electrical Engineering generally deals with application of electric power. An Electrical engineer is involved in the practical application of electric energy. This discipline is involved in power generation, transmission, design electric circuit and control system etc. It has many sub disciplines with innumerous applications and implication as well.

Department of Electrical Engineering has well equipped laboratories which are continuously updated and modernized to cope up with the rapid change in technology. We have a very qualified and experienced faculty who are experts in handling High Voltage lab, Electrical Machine Lab, Microprocessor Lab, PSA Lab etc.

Lab Details:

  • Basic Electronics Lab
  • Electrical Workshop
  • Electrical Circuit Lab
  • Electrical Machine Lab
  • Elements of Electrical Engineering Lab
  • Power System Lab
  • Electronics Lab (Digital & Analog)
  • Power Electronics Lab
  • Control System Lab

Faculty Members:
S.No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Deependra Rathore HOD Ph.D (P), M.Tech.
2 Gaurav Kumar Jaiswal Asst. Professor M.Tech.
3 Prashant Singh Rajput Asst. Professor M.Tech.
4 Shweta Yadav Asst. Professor M.Tech.
5 Khushboo Sao Asst. Professor M.Tech.
6 Shivani Jain Asst. Professor M.Tech.
7 Mukesh Dewangan Asst. Professor B.E.
8 Nirmal Panigrahi Asst. Professor B.E.
9 Nikhil Dewangan Asst. Professor B.E.
10 Preeti Sahu Lecturer B.E.
11 Nishi Tiwari Lecturer B.E.
12 Jyoti Gupta Lecturer B.E.

Contact Us:

Department of Electrical Engineering
Mr. Deependra Rathore
Head of the Department
Mobile: +919685092100

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering is one of the largest and fastest growing fields of engineering. Its applicability is into wide range of applications such as television, radio, computers, telecommunication etc. Electronics has a major role in improving productivity of various industries. Electronics & Telecommunication Engineer work with devices that use extremely small amount of power such as microprocessors and fiber optical etc.

Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering has a new generation digital lab and communication lab with high performance media for learning and is enough equipped to perform practical for the same discipline. We have a very qualified and experienced faculty with more than 10 years of experience in teaching and working in the industry.

Lab Details:

  • Microprocessor & Embedded System Lab
  • Communication System Lab
  • Microwave Lab
  • Advance Electronic Circuit Lab
  • Digital Electronics Lab
  • Electronic Workshop
  • Optical Communication Lab
  • VLSI Lab
  • Digital Signal Processing Lab
  • Simulation Lab
  • Project Lab

Faculty Members:
S.No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Nilesh Tamboli HOD Ph.D (P), M.Tech.
2 Shubhi Shrivastava Asst. Professor M.Tech.
3 Harshita Khare Asst. Professor M.Tech.
4 Nibedita Panda Asst. Professor M.Tech.
5 Nisha Saha Asst. Professor M.Tech.
6 Kamesh Chandrakar Asst. Professor M.Tech.
7 Ankur Girolkar Asst. Professor M.Tech
8 Prafull Sharma Lecturer B.E.
9 Priyanka Soni Lecturer B.E.
10 Ritu Kshtriya Lecturer B.E.

Contact Us:

Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
Mr. Nilesh Tamboli
Head of the Department
Mobile: +919685092030

Mechanical Engineering is one of the largest, broadest and oldest of all the engineering disciplines. Mechanical engineering applies the principles of mechanics and energy for the design of machines, which deals with blue prints, production of tools and all other mechanical equipment. The work of mechanical engineers can be extremely challenging since their work involves production, transmission and mechanical power etc. Mechanical engineer shares interest with many other engineering streams like civil & electrical etc.

Mechanical Engineers are also responsible for maintenance. Recent times have seen collaboration of Computer Science with mechanical engineering. Department of Mechanical Engineering was started in the year 2008. This department has existence & capacity of experimental laboratory, well stocked library with relevant books and highly skilled faculty member to help students to develop their skills and tailor themselves according to industrial requirement.

Lab Details:

  • Workshop
  • Mechanical Engineering Lab
  • Machine Drawing Lab
  • Material Testing Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics Lab
  • Kinetics of Machine Lab
  • Dynamics of Machine Lab
  • Machine Design Lab
  • Manufacturing Science Lab
  • Heat & Mass Transfer Lab
  • Robotics Lab
  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Faculty Members:
S.No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Ashish Paul HOD M.Tech.
2 Gyan Prakash Gupta Asst. Professor M.Tech.
3 Ashutosh Kumar Jaiswal Asst. Professor M.Tech.
4 Saurabh Vishwakarma Asst. Professor M.Tech.
5 Himanshu Mehta Asst. Professor M.Tech.
6 Manoj Kumar Sahoo Asst. Professor M.Tech.
7 Pitamber Pradhan Asst. Professor M.Tech
8 Zeeshan Khan Asst. Professor B.E.
9 Yuvraj Rajak Lecturer B.E.
10 Avinash Singh Lecturer B.E.
11 Mayank Singh Lecturer B.E.
12 Vishal Jagwani Lecturer B.E.

Contact Us:

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mr. Ashish Paul
Head of the Department
Mobile: +919685092040

Admission Policy

Admission to B.E. First year of the four years degree course is done strictly by policy laid down by AICTE & Government of Chhattisgarh. As decided by the Honorable Supreme Court, Chhattisgarh Government has stipulated the following quota during the time of admission:

1 Chhattisgarh Domicile Quota(Only for residents of Chhattisgarh) 75% of total seats
2 Other State Quota (Other than residents of Chhattisgarh) 10% of total seats
3 Management Quota (Any domicile, any state) 15% of total seats

Admission Procedure:

Admission to B.E. First year of the four years degree courseis conducted through Central Online Counseling administered by Directorate of Technical Education, Government of Chhattisgarh. The dates and other details of such counseling are displayed through advertisement in local newspapers as well as their official website (, However admission under management Quota seats are administered at the Institute level.


XII Pass with minimum 45%(Unreserved) and 40%(ST,SC & OBC) from recognized Board, along with valid score in CG-PET or JEE.

Fee Structure:

S.No. Fee Structure Amount (Rs.) 2019-20 Remarks
1 Tuition Fees & Development Fees etc. Rs. 34865/- Per Semester
2 Caution Money Rs. 1500/- Refundable after completion of Course
For further details please visit or contact on any of these numbers: +919827109848, +919522220113.