Lakhmi Chand Institute of Technology Bilaspur
Approved by AICTE & affiliated to CSVTU Bhilai
FOR ADMISSION : 9630052722, 9179080002/3


Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations applicable to LCIT, Bilaspur (C.G.):

  • Admission to BE 1st Year of four years degree course is done strictly by rules laid down by AICTE & C.G. Government.

  • According to the existing policy, general students should obtain 45% marks & SC, ST & OBC students should obtain 40% marks in PCM in 12th examination.

  • However if general students obtain 44.5% & category students obtain 39.5%, they will be eligible for admission.   

  • General students must obtain 15 marks and category students must obtain 7.5 marks in PET examination.

  • Students who appeared in AIEEE examination must obtain 30 marks.

  • 90% of total seats to be filled up through CG PET and balance 10% through AIEEE. 

  • Diploma holder general’s students securing 50% marks and category students securing 45% marks are eligible for admission directly in the second year.   

  • For details of fee for registration, online registration & other details, students may visit

  •  DTE website or

  • Admission to LCIT will be done as per the allotment letter circulated by DTE, Raipur.

  • Before admission, required documents are to be verified at DVC (Document Verification Centre) and College level.

  • The payment of the fees at the time of registration does not in any way confirm the registration.

  • The amount of fees received along with the application form is not refundable.

  • The entire amount towards the fees must be paid before the commencement of the academic session.

  • In case the full fees is not paid by the due date, the amount paid towards the provisional admission may stand forfeited for which College shall not be held responsible.

  • Fees is payable in advance for all courses. Any amount paid is not refundable.

  • Fee shall be payable for the full session, even if the student leaves the institute prior to the expiry of the academic session, subject to rules applicable by Directorate of Technical Education, Raipur& CSVTU, Bhilai.

  • Tuition fee and hostel fee are to be paid for each semester ending 31st December and 30th June.

  • Student will observe strict discipline and decorum at the institute and in case of any indiscipline or misconduct; student will be liable to be expelled from the institute without any notice. No fees will be refundable in such cases. However the Director, LCIT, at his own discretion, can allow such cases by imposing appropriate fine.

  • The College have the right to change the college working time at any time during the academic session.

  • Normally no extension in time to deposit fees will be allowed. In special circumstances the extension of time to deposit the fees is allowed subject to approval of the Director of the College in writing. Failure to pay the fees after the due date or in the case of extended time. a fine of Rs.25/- per day will be imposed, till the actual date of payment.

  • The student must affix passport size photographs on the Admission Form. The College shall be entitled to use such photographs for publication in any journal, book, brochure, newspaper & other media.

  • Punctuality and regular attendance is very important for obtaining excellent sessional assessment. No leave or absence will be considered without application in writing from the guardian. Students, who have been absenting from classes, must have valid reason.

  • On successful completion of the course, the management will provide job assistance to the students by conducting campus interview but cannot stand guarantee for job.

  • The Director shall have the right to review & revise Rules and Regulations of the College from time to time as he thinks fit. The decision of the Director in all matters shall be final.

  • Their unauthorised absence will be recorded. Reasons of a private nature, if any, is to be intimated by a letter. Birthday celebration, excursions, urgent business will not be considered as a valid reason for absence.

  • Students remaining continuously absent for more than a month without permission are liable to be expelled from the college and name may be stuck of from the roll.

  • Those who were absenting for long must show the HOD their regularity record duly countersigned by the Director/Principal before entering the classroom.

  • No student is allowed to leave the College premises except on the basis of a letter of request from his/her guardian and sanctioned by the HOD.

  • Any damage to College property should be made good by the students concerned.

  • Students are responsible and answerable to the College authorities for their conduct in and out of the College. Students are to address the Lectures and all members of the staff with due respect and politeness. On their way to and from the College, they are expected to behave in a courteous manner.

  • Students must return after the holidays on the opening day and be present on the closing day of each term. In case of sickness the College authorities must be notified.

  • The student will observe strict discipline and decorum in the College and in case of any indiscipline- or misconduct, the student will be expelled from the College without any notice. No fee will be refunded in such cases.

  • All disputes will be subject to jurisdiction of Bilaspur Courts only.

  • Use of possession of alcohol, or drugs, by any student of the institute is strictly prohibited. Any student; violating this rule, is
    liable to be summarily expelled from the institute as well as hostel and be subjected for action as per law applicable.

  • Attendance of the student in all the classes during the first week of the start of the semester or on reopening after holidays is compulsory. Any student, not observing this rule is liable to lose his/he admission in the institute.

  • All students must observe discipline in the College and hostels and maintain punctuality and regularity in the classes.

  • College reserves the right to detain student from Exams or take any other action as considered necessary, for non payment of fee dues or Student’s attendance are short to the requirement of the university.

  • The parents/guardians of all the students are advised to visit their sons/daughters/wards as well as their local guardians to obtain firsthand knowledge about their progress, activities, attendance and company and to ensure that their sons/daughter/wards are utilizing their time and money properly

  • Students are advised to keep the original receipt of fee deposited for final clearance at the end of the course.

  • All courses are conducted in accordance to Rules and Regulations, Syllabus, Curriculum of the University from time to time.

  • Adjustment of Fees on any ground whatsoever is not allowed.

  • Caution Deposit of any nature will be refunded. Student on completion of the course should get clearance of all dues from the administration. Caution Deposit wilt be refunded against the production of original receipt only. Students must ensure that all cards (identity Card, Hostel Card, Bus Card etc.) are deposited with the College at the time of getting the final clearance from the College.

  • All Fees should be deposited by separate Demand Drafts for Tuition Fee, Hostel Fees, and Examination Fee.


Students’ Code of Conduct
Discipline is a habit at LCIT

No one in the Institute is above discipline, be it the student or the staff. Within the campus and outside, students are required to       maintain the strict code of conduct. Any type of indiscipline or misconduct may result in expulsion of a student.

Ragging is Strictly Prohibited
“If any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the authority, the concerned student shall be given liberty to explain and if his explanation is not found satisfactory, the authority would expel him from the institution.”

Ragging is totally prohibited either physically or mentally in LCIT. So-called introduction by individual and by group is banned. Only in presence of faculty or in Fresher Party simple introduction is allowed. The defaulter will be suspended with pending enquiry and will be expelled from the Institute. FIR will be lodged with Police. Imprisonment up to two years with or without fine may be awarded by the court as per the U.P. State Govt. Bill.

The Institute has appointed Anti Ragging Squad consisting of senior professors and faculty on duty during         day and night to ensure that no ragging incident happens in the college premises as well as in the hostel.

It is desirable that students attend all the classes to excel in academics. However, as per CSVTU ordinance 75% of attendance in all subjects is the minimum requirement to appear in the end semester examination, failing which the student shall have to repeat the semester.

Note - Please collect Student Handbook regarding detailed rules & regulations from the registrar’s office. Please go through the handbook in detail as the information there is extremely important for you.