Lakhmi Chand Institute of Technology Bilaspur
Approved by AICTE & affiliated to CSVTU Bhilai
FOR ADMISSION : 9630052722, 9179080002/3



LCIT is proud to have passionate support of world-class faculty members. They are persons of repute and regularly receive national and international recognition for their groundbreaking academic excellence. The faculty comprises of members who constantly encourage intellectual curiosity coupled with keeping human values in mind. In addition, we ensure that success must be a way of life at LCIT. Once you join, you are assured of personalized attention by each of our faculty members. It is the hallmark of our institute. We at LCIT believe in strong relationships with students to motivate them to reach their full academic and professional potential.

Faculty members of the institute consist of highly qualified (Ph.D. and M.Tech) and eminent academicians.
Most of them have spent their career in education, consultancy and research & development.
Most of the Faculty Members are from IIT's and NIT's

List of Faculty Members approved by CSVTU.

1 Civil Engineering R. S. GURUDIWAN
3 Civil Engineering ABHAY SONI
4 Civil Engineering AJAY KUAMR SAHU
5 Civil Engineering HIMANSHU SAHU
6 Civil Engineering SHRIYA SINGH
7 Civil Engineering SONIKA SHARMA
8 Civil Engineering NAMRATA SINGH
9 Civil Engineering VISHAL JAGWANI
10 Civil Engineering VARANASI SOMESH
11 Mechanical Engineering GYANENDRA KUMAR SINGH
12 Mechanical Engineering BHOLA SAHU
13 Mechanical Engineering ASHUTOSH KUMAR JAISWAL
14 Mechanical Engineering ASHISH PAUL
15 Mechanical Engineering MANOJ KUMAR SAHOO
16 Mechanical Engineering GYAN PRAKASH GUPTA
17 Mechanical Engineering BIPLOB MAZUMDAR
18 Mechanical Engineering HIMANSHU MEHTA
19 Mechanical Engineering SAURABH VISHWAKARMA
20 Mechanical Engineering ZEESHAN KHAN
21 Mechanical Engineering PITAMBER PRADHAN
22 Mechanical Engineering ASHISH PANDEY
23 Mechanical Engineering PARITOSH JAISWAL
24 Mechanical Engineering SRIKANT RAO
25 Mechanical Engineering NIKHIL TIWARI
26 Mechanical Engineering RAM SHANKAR RATHORE
27 Electrical Engineering DEEPENDRA RATHORE
28 Electrical Engineering GAURAV KUMAR JAISWAL
29 Electrical Engineering PRASHANT SINGH RAJPUT
30 Electrical Engineering EKTA SINGH THAKUR
31 Electrical Engineering SHWETA YADAV
32 Electrical Engineering KHUSHBOO SAO
33 Electrical Engineering MANISH KUMAR SAHU
34 Electrical Engineering SHIVANI JAIN
35 Electrical Engineering MUKESH DEWANGAN
36 Electrical Engineering NIRMAL PANIGRAHI
37 Electrical Engineering NIKHIL DEWANGAN
38 Electrical Engineering ABHISHEK MISHRA
39 Electrical Engineering BRIJESH DEWANGAN
40 Electrical Engineering MRITESH KUMAR
41 Electrical Engineering MRINMAYEE SHUKLA
42 Electrical Engineering ARUNESHWARI DUBEY
43 Electrical Engineering ANKUSH KUMAR NIRMALKAR
44 Electrical Engineering MALKA TARANNUM
45 Electrical Engineering POOJA AGRAWAL
46 Electrical Engineering ASHA MOURYA
47 Electrical Engineering POOJA SINGH
48 Electrical Engineering PRAKASH SARAF
49 Electrical Engineering LEENA CHANDRA
50 Electrical Engineering PREETAM KHAIRNAR
51 Electrical Engineering SURBHI KAUSHIK
52 Electrical Engineering NIDHI SAHU
53 Computer Science Engineering VISHNU KANT SONI
54 Computer Science Engineering AMIT AWASTHI
55 Computer Science Engineering ABHISHEK KESHARWANI
56 Computer Science Engineering BHARTI DWIVEDI
57 Computer Science Engineering NEETESH NEMA
58 Computer Science Engineering MANISH MAHANT MANIKPURI
59 Computer Science Engineering NAMAN AGRAWAL
60 Computer Science Engineering PRIYANKA SHARMA
61 Computer Science Engineering LAKSHMI NARAYAN PANDEY
62 Computer Science Engineering RACHITA DUBEY
63 Computer Science Engineering PRACHI MISHRA
64 Computer Science Engineering JAYA SINGH CHANDEL
65 Computer Science Engineering UPKAR RAI
66 Computer Science Engineering ABHIJEET KOUR BAGGA
67 Computer Science Engineering RATNA MANIKPURI
68 Electronis & Telecommuniation Engineering NILESH TAMBOLI
69 Electronis & Telecommuniation Engineering ARPITA RANI VAISHNAVA
70 Electronis & Telecommuniation Engineering SHUBHI SHRIVASTAVA
71 Electronis & Telecommuniation Engineering PIYUSH DIWAN
72 Electronis & Telecommuniation Engineering HARSHITA KHARE
73 Electronis & Telecommuniation Engineering NIBEDITA PANDA
74 Electronis & Telecommuniation Engineering NISHA SAHA
75 Electronis & Telecommuniation Engineering KAMESH CHANDRAKAR
76 Electronis & Telecommuniation Engineering NALINI TIWARI
77 Electronis & Telecommuniation Engineering SHAYELA NAUSHEEN AZIZ
78 Electronis & Telecommuniation Engineering ADEEBA QURESHI
79 Electronis & Telecommuniation Engineering BARKHA KAUSHIK
80 Electronis & Telecommuniation Engineering SHAYELA FARHEEN AZIZ
81 Electronis & Telecommuniation Engineering RAJESH PATEL
82 Electronis & Telecommuniation Engineering RINANAYAK
83 Electronis & Telecommuniation Engineering YOGESH KUMAR CHOUDHARY
88 Humanities VARSHA SINGH
89 Humanities DIVYA SHUKLA