Site Visit by Civil Engineering Students

Students and Faculty Members of Civil Engineering Department of Lakhmi Chand Institute of Technology were taken on Site Visit to Arpa Bhaisajhar Barrage Pariyojna, Sanjay Gandhi Jal Sansadhan Pariyojna Khutaghat on December 12, 2016. Students visited the state-of –the -art Infrastructure and Interacted with the technical staff of project on different aspects of Construction. Students learnt about Earthen dam construction, Bhaisajhar Barrage Construction, Kalmitar Barrage Construction, Cement concrete road construction under the guidance of Site Engineer Mr. Parimal Shukla & Mr. R.P. Mishra.

Industrial Visit to Jindal Power Limited

Students of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electrical & Electronics Engineering of Lakhmi Chand Institute of Technology along with Faculty members visited Jindal Power Limited at Raigarh on February 18, 2017.This visit was scheduled as a part of curriculum and to provide a better understanding of the subject taught in the classroom. The objective behind this visit is to know various production and operations techniques which will enable student to learn various dimension of Control Panel (which can control entire plant automatically),Boiler Section, Power Generation Section, Coal Conveyor Section, Gas Turbine Section and relate them with theory in a better way. The students were taken to actual power production site and showed them with machinery,equipment and various electrical circuits, which is used for Power Generation. The students were made to understand about the construction of various sections of Plant. During their visit students also interacted with technical staff and had shown an excellent curiosity in knowing more about production process. During the visit entire student were in discipline and had followed all the instructions.

Field Visit to Rama Magneto Mall & 36 City Mall

A field visit was organized to Rama Magneto Mall and 36 City Mall, Bilaspur for MBA students of Lakhmi Chand Institute of Technology on November 17, 2016. The objective was to make students understand the concept of Classes and Masses in the world of Retail. Two malls are in the vicinity of the city, yet catering to various segments. While one catered to the Classes, the other maintained repetitive walk-in by the masses. Both the Malls have been designed as a name synonymous with luxury - offering a unique shopping experience where the accent is on exclusivity, space and aesthetics. On the other hand they have been also targeting the ever-increasing numbers of the newly evolved middle class, the ones who have aspirations of the niche segments and has kept the convenience and aesthetics to match the same. It was an inquisitive visit and enlightening for students to understand the concept of Mall. The Faculty Members of Department of Management Studies accompanied students for the Visit.

Field Visit to Reliance Market

The field visit to Reliance Market at 36 City Mall was organized for MBA students of Lakhmi Chand Institute of Technology November 17, 2016. The visit was arranged to introduce students to the Retail Work Culture. This played a key part in knowing what products are available with varied price range. Also, students got hands-on experience to identify various sections of the store. They also learnt about inventorymanagement and billing system of the Store. The visit was conducted under the supervision of Faculty Members of Department of Management Studies. Overall, it was enlightening and informative activity and students gained the practical exposure of RelianceMarket.