Lakhmi Chand Institute of Technology Bilaspur
Approved by AICTE & affiliated to CSVTU Bhilai
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Mechanical Engineering Department

Mechanical Engineering Lab have the following facilities:

Applied Mechanical Lab.
Thermodynamics and Meteorology Lab.
Fluid Mechanics Lab.
Strength of Materials Lab.
Heat Engine Lab.
Mechanical Workshop having:
A. Welding Shop
B. Machine Shop
C. Moulding Shop
D. Carpentry Shop
E. Smithy Shop

Workshop And Manufacturing Practice Lab

It is well designed for venturing Fitting Shop, Welding Shop, Machine Shop, Moulding Shop, and Carpentry Shop. The Lab provides a stage for the students to enhance their basic skills and develop proficiency to furnish overall personality.

Civil Engineering Department

Civil branch was started in 2009 with the aim to provide proper blend of theoretical and practical side. For infrastructure development in the region we are prepared to create increasing demand of civil engineering. With the good academic environment, we are also committed to extend consultancy facilities for project work in the entire region.

Civil Engineering Lab

Department is well equipped in specialized area. All the latest and modern equipments are available to create the need in civil engineering. Lots of testing facilities with state of the art technique are available here to fulfil the requirement of industry. The major section of the lab are-

  1. Basic civil engineering lab.
  2. Material testing lab.
  3. Hydraulics & Irrigation lab.
  4. Environmental lab.
  5. Surveying Lab.
  6. Transportation lab.
  7. Geo. Tech. Lab.
  8. Geology lab.


We are having a rich library with huge collection of books. Around 10000 books, e-books, journals, magazine news papers etc are available. Full equipped digital library provides for advanced learning media are also available. Books related to all engineering & management stream are available here for graduate and postgraduate level. Students get the benefit of such literature to enhance their quality and make them multi dynamic. Very soon institution is going to publish their own college magazine to publish their achievements. A very peaceful & calm environment inside library creates full concentration to students for study. By book bank scheme facility students get the books easily.

Electronics & Telecommunication

The scope of telecommunication is changing rapidly with tremendous growth. Experimenting in the lab provide a platform for learning methodology to a different plane. The teaching is given to validate strong area of mental levels to the faculties and they are synergised to act simultaneously.The department provides stack of suitable teaching material with powerful application to understand and grow confident.

Information Technology Department

The Department flourishes the rapid accumulation of knowledge and expansion of activities Demanded better academic preparation to meet the needs of today and challenges of tomorrow. It has good stack of suitable teaching material to relate directly to the professional environment.

Information Technology Lab

The Department has well equipped computer lab with 70 systems, with all updated software and proved better environment to learn.

Computer Science Department

The objective of computer science department is to help learners assume facilities with the latest computer system and application software. The component of educational system is to collaborate process with excellent environment.

Computer Science Lab

The Department has well equipped computer lab with 70 systems. The Department provides individual space for student and faculty it has latest software packages, internet and multimedia. The Lab has powerful application that helps users to understand, use and grow confident.

Language Lab-

There is a new generation Digital lab with high performance media for learning and mastering languages that gives us excellent communication skills leading to excellent oration. You will simply enjoy the art of performing an interview, Group discussion and other communication skills in the most natural way. Each language has its own style. Acquiring the unique style of English Language in the outstanding features of language lab. The lab adopt the time tested and proven formula of listening, understanding and speaking. Language lab facilitates teachers to speak with students through two way Voice Chat System, sitting at the control desk (server) ,interpreting students and giving them extra guidance whenever necessarys.

Electrical Engineering Department

The objective of Electrical Engineering that will be enable them to continue their Professional Development and sustain a life long career in Electrical Engineering either through advanced Courses work or continuing self directed learning and development activity.

Electrical Engineering Lab

The major areas of Faculty expertise of Department include High Voltage lab, Electrical Machine Lab, Microprocessor Lab, PSA Lab etc. are best kinds and appreciation from the concerned people.

Electrical and Electronics Department

Main objectives of EEE Department are :

To encourage R&D leading to indigenization of Technology.
To provide Advance Research platform to Industry.
To provide career advancement option to the student of this region.

Electrical and Electronics Lab

The Department has well equipped lab. The Department provide an ability to identify, locate, obtain and evaluate required data in their investigation by way of designing and conducting observation modeling simulation or experiments.

Physics department

It was established in the year 2008 with vision and mission of all round development of students in the field of Applied Physics. Department is not only involve for generating demand of engineering students in different sectors but also involve to organises many activities related to personality development, skill development and guest lectures on specified areas. Regularly department providing platform to students to expose their quality through multimedia presentation. The guidance related to preparation of GET and IES, DRDO etc examinations is also provided by the department regularly.

In lab department having advanced equipments in digital form to learn better of the subject. There are two section of the lab-Applied physics lab & Optics lab is available. By the prescribed experiments of CSVTU- University students are getting the real essence of Applied Physics to develop their own creativity.

Chemistry Laboratory

The range and quality of chemistry department excels in the development of innovative technologies. The laboratory contains modern equipments and up to date program featured in the degree courses. Students perform experimentation in small group so as to lay personal attention and find guidance and encouragement through skilled faculty members. The department provides expertise resources and education. Students have access to an exclusive developmental library consisting of books, notes, proceedings of lectures, laboratory manuals etc.

Mechanial Lab

Department of mechanical of LCIT has fully equipped laboratory with well qualified and technically supporting staff, who can fulfill all requirements of lab testing. The lab aims to bring students to an outstanding height. The labs are designed in a flexible and multi dimensional approach to cultivate educational process of conceptual issues. The students uses resources of laboratory to solve problems, perform developmental experiments and work on project guided by faculty.